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Three defeats in the tournament - ginalee0430 - 11-19-2014 03:10 AM

England and Sweden FIFA 15 only enemies of the war, the Netherlands and Portugal, while FIFA

15 is really a battle of life and death. In the final group stage of FIFA 15, Portugal needs three points to

ensure promotion, the Netherlands will have to score more than 2 goals to beat the opponent, the losing side will

be eliminated in advance. Finally, the Portuguese captain, Europe and the star of the upper critical time FIFA

World C The angry if FIFA Ultimate Team behind 0-1, with two columns and two goals out of the Netherlands Van

Marwijk ball first time in franchise history, with three defeats in the tournament, while the Luo C Guanjianyizhan

with this name for himself as a correction FIFA ultimate team coins Portuguese name. Spain has made over the past eight years,

opponents of Portugal group stage classic FIFA 15 for Portugal and Greece will meet in the final, FIFA 15, Spain

and Italy also repeated this scene, the group match these two FIFA Ultimate Team will be assigned together, Italy

to break the routine of attacking each other FIFA evenly divided.