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New Member, New Water Float - iFloats
05-01-2013, 12:59 PM
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New Member, New Water Float - iFloats
Hello Everyone,

My name is Sean McDonald and the name of our company is Giant Resource. We just introduced a product that might be of interest to members of this forum It is called "iFloats".

I am sure by now many of you have seen the water mats-floats sold by a variety of companies. We live on a lake and one day one of our sons brought over a water float to try out. Within two minute he managed to go right through the float. At a cost of around $500.00 this should not have happened.

We took a look at the construction and quickly understood what the issue was and decided to build a better float. Please visit our website to see why this is a superior engineered float compared to what is on the market today. We tested an 80 foot version with my four sons and some of their friends from the high-school varsity football team. They played hard and they did not damage the float so we knew we had a great product. We tested this product for almost a year prior to releasing it for sale to the public.

While our costs are more than the competition due to the superior construction and materials we use, we are selling our floats for the same as our nearest competitor. We are around half the price of the "Water Mat". This new product is a hot seller and will become the next "must have product" for any person who enjoys the water. We have personal water floats and our standard size is whatever the customer wants up to 140 feet. Our "iFloats" is six feet wide. The "iFloats" is pink on one side and blue on the other. It comes with a patented bungee-tether and a D-ring attachment on each side of the floats. Instead of using inferior Velcro to stop the float from unrolling when stowed, we supply two nine foot D-ring straps with each float.

Shipping can be expensive by UPS, between $150.00 and $200.00 Hopefully we will have a dealer soon in your area to distribute in these products to help reduce the cost of shipping. Please take a look at our other products for the water at: Thank you for letting us join this website.

Thank you.

Sean McDonald

Giant Resource LLC


Phone (855) iFloats
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