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2013 Lions Lake Minnetonka Crappie Contest (04-27-2013)
10-31-2012, 01:44 PM (This post was last modified: 04-21-2013 09:13 PM by That Guy.)
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2013 Lions Lake Minnetonka Crappie Contest (04-27-2013)

Due to ice conditions the 2013 Minnetonka Crappie Contest will continue as an indoor charity event without the fishing contest

Entry for the event is FREE
Over $10,000 in prizes and giveaways total!

Activities Include:
  • 11am to 2pm - Activites and Silent Auction at Bayview Events Center
  • Kids Booths and games - Free prizes for all kids 14 and under
    (rod and reel combos for first 100 kids)
  • Noon to 4pm - Live Music (Wolves at the Door)
  • 1:30pm - Raffle Drawings
  • 2pm - Free Kids Raffle Drawing!
  • Seminars and Presentations by NPAA

Kids Activities Sponsored by:


When: April 27th, 2013
Where: Bayview Events Center on Lake Minnetonka

Electric Scooter Giveaway ~ FREE ~ Anyone 17 and under that shows up at Bayview before 2pm April 27th is eligible to win!!!

Raffle Prizes Include:
- 14'Tracker Boat, 15hp four stroke Mercury Outboard, and Trailer package
- 3 Reel Slot Machine from a Las Vegas Casino
- Motorguide Pro Series 75lbs Thrust Trolling Motor
Raffle is subject to rules below. License #1830 held by Northwest Tonka Lions.

Largest Crappie Prizes

All Proceeds Benefit:
Local Lions Charities, Camp Needlepoint for Children with Diabetes, MN Deabetes Foundation, MN Lions Vision Foundations, Future Anglers Foundation, and MN Teen Challenge

Official Contest Rules

  • Each contestant is only eligible to win once in the largest fish contest
  • In order to turn in a fish for largest catch you must have registered and payed the $5 registration fee prior to 9am the day of the event
  • Fish must be weighed in by 1 pm on the day of the event at Maynard's
  • Anyone caught cheating will be automatically disqualified
  • Each fisher must abide by tournament rules and DNR laws
  • Contestants do not need to be present to win the raffle though tickets may not be purchased online
  • Registration proceeds will support local Lions Clubs and their Charities
    • North Westonka Lions
    • Orono Lions
    • Wayzata Lions
    • Minnetonka Lions
    • St Boni Lions
    • Hopkins

Official Raffle Rules

  • Tickets drawn in the raffle will be removed from play.
  • A contestant with multiple tickets in raffle may win multiple times
  • $5 Raffle winners need not be present to win!
  • A contestant with multiple tickets in raffle may win multiple times
  • Raffle ticket on-site sales are cash or check only
  • Winning ticket stubs will be drawn at random from a raffle box by a member of the Lions
  • Lions members involved in drawing, recording, or distributing prizes are ineligible to win
  • Persons under 18 may not purchase a raffle ticket or win a prize
  • Winner is responsible for paying taxes and license fees
  • If you or someone you know may be a problem gambler please contact the problem gambling helpline at (1-800-333-HOPE)

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04-11-2013, 09:59 PM
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RE: 2013 Lions Lake Minnetonka Crappie Contest (04-20-2013)
Mother nature is really getting frustrating this spring. Either way we'll be sure to be there with the entire pontoon full!
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07-10-2014, 10:14 AM
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